Ferry Boulevard Sunoco Service Center
734 Ferry Blvd. Stratford, CT. 06614

It all started here...

In 1965, Phil Crosby, along with his father-in-law, Andrew Tibor, opened Ferry Boulevard Sunoco for business. Their spotlight was not only on timely repairs but also on quality customer service. In 1972, Phil's son, David, began work as an island attendant and showed such a great passion for the business that in 1982, when he graduated from UCONN, he joined the staff of Ferry Boulevard Sunoco as their station manager. To provide better service for their customers, this Sunoco gas station became a Sunoco Ultra Service Center in 1985, using state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair their customer's vehicles.

The ownership of Ferry Boulevard Sunoco Service Center was handed down to the current and fourth generation owner, David Crosby in 1994.Today, David carries on his father'stradition of customer satisfaction and quality, timely repairs. His two sons, Christian and David, Jr., who began working as island attendants in 2004,are a key part in keeping Ferry Boulevard Sunoco Service Center a trustworthy, family run business. David and all of his employees feel that one of their most important assets is their ability to satisfy their customer's automotive repair needs in a timely manner. To continue to be successful, the entire staff at Ferry Boulevard Sunoco Service Center works to earn the trust of every customer and to consistently deliver on their promises of quality and service.

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